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  • Pepper Spray vs. Wasp Spray

    Hello again!  Glad to have you back!

    The other day, I was "confronted" within the neighborhood newsletter by a father who recommended to all, especially to his daughter, that a can of wasp spray be used against aggressors instead of Pepper Sprays.  His reasoning was that...all I wanted to do was to make money. Also, that the wasp spray was cheaper, irritated the eyes, had a 20 ft. (advertised) reach, and a more accurate spray.

    With the clarification that, yes, there is some profit involved but, not obtained by mis-informing my neighbors or anyone else, he is correct on all his points. Yet, his statements are all incorrect when it comes to Personal Protection!,

    Wasp spray is an insecticide and a U.S. Federal Law warning appears on most canisters which states, " that it's use for other than it's intended purpose is prohibited."  The intended purpose, in this case, is too kill wasps!  The possibility of violating this regulation may be federal criminal charges against the user. YOU !  Having a can of wasp spray inside your home, next to the front door, might just be considered premeditation and a "lawsuit happy" country like ours, the user may just face that, as well.

    Here are the other points my "neighbor" was mis-informed.

    As most aggressions or assaults occur outside the home, walking and carrying a large can of wasp spray in your hand or on your person is uncomfortable, to say the least.  The Pepper Spray is small, can be hung on your key chain, in a purse or pocket, and even carried, inconspicuously, in your hand.

    The "pin-point" accuracy would only be an advantage by enabling the user to hit the aggressor in the eyes, which is required for the wasp spray to take effect.  The Pepper Spray will affect the aggressor if it were to hit anywhere on the face.  The Pepper Spray distance varies by the size of the container.  The Pepper spray affects the eyes, sinuses,, causes gagging and choking providing time to leave the situation and call authorities.  Some Pepper Sprays also contain a UV dye enabling the authorities to identify the assailant with black light, even after the effects of the spray are gone.

    A couple important points not previously mentioned is...Wasp spray is a POISON! It has not been determined how it affects humans after a period of time.  The Pepper Spray has been tested and it's purpose is to temporarily disable but, does not cause permanent damage or death,

    And finally, if Pepper Spray were not effective and safe, why do Police use it instead of Wasp spray?

    Next time I will show you my recommendations of Pepper Sprays for different conditions.

    Take care and be Safe!









  • Golf Emergency solved by the 8 in 1 USB Car Charger!

    As you can imagine, as a endorser of Personal Safety Products, I carry an assortment of products in my car.  Along with the Visor Pepper Spray, I have a Runt Stun Gun and just recently added the 8 in 1 USB Car Charger to the collection.

    Just last week, the unexpected happened to my golf buddy!  Nothing very exciting but, still an uncomfortable situation.  Here's the story...

    We found this small golf course about 40 miles from town that we were going to try out.  We decided to meet there early in the morning in order to take our time, as not to be rushed.  When I got there, I found him in the parking lot still in his car which surprised me as he is one to start warming up right away!  I got out of my car and waved to him and he waved back beckoning for me to approach, so I did!  Well, to make this short, he was stuck in his seat by his seatbelt!  The damn thing would not release! He pushed and banged on it until his thumb and hand were sore.  With no one around, he had waited for me to show up and assist!

    So, I went inside to this rickety "club house", where an elderly lady just collected the green fees and sold coffee and snacks. I asked for any type of screwdriver or a tools and only plastic spoons!  No help here! Then, I remembered I had the new 8 in 1 USB Car Charger that contained a seat belt cutter!  The super sharp seat belt cutter cut through the seat belt in just one swipe! (You know, "Like a hot knife through butter...")

    The day was saved and my golfing partner was released!  The game was on!

    In addition to the seat belt cutter, the 8 in 1 USB Car Charger, has a bright 120 Lumen flashlight with an adjustable neck. It also has a red flashing light for signaling. Use the magnet on the bottom of the auto tool to mount to your car. The built in glass break hammer is hidden in the positive pole of the car charger. Just aim for the corners of the windows where the weakest points of the window are and swing the glass breaker into the window to escape from the car.

    The 8 in 1 USB Car Charger plugs into the 12 volt DC receptacle for charging cell phones and tablets. Easily locate the USB port in the dark with the Glow-in-the-Dark band. It also charges the internal battery as this unit has a 1400mAh power bank built in for portable charging. Will charge most cell phones twice when fully charged.

    Note: My buddy took the back roads home as to avoid the State Troopers. Remember,  he did not have a seat belt!  He won't tell me how much it cost to replace but, with lesson learned, he now has an 8 in 1 USB Car Charger in BOTH of his cars.

    So, check out the 8 in 1 USB Car Charger for your own car, a friend's or a family member!

    Makes for a great Mother's Day present...especially the convenience of a  phone charger and flashlight!

    Remember, "It is better to have it and not need it than, to need it and NOT have it!"

    Check out the USB car charger under "Automotive Safety".

    Good Luck and Be Safe!




    Measures 5 13/16" x 1 1/8"

  • Should Real Estate Agents Protect Themselves?

    Most people think that being a Real Estate agent is an easy job.  just showing a home or having an open house for a home they are trying to sell, is all they do. But, boy, are they ever wrong!  This is a dangerous occupation!

    Last year, the National Association of Realtors took a survey and found out that many of its members were actually afraid of having an open house, showing a vacant home or even being an agent in a model home,

    The 2017 reported that 25 percent of men and 44 percent of women had been involved in a situation that made them fear for their safety. This resulted in 52 percent of men and 57 percent of women agents said that they now carry some type of protection.  The most common  type is the Pepper Spray or Mace (19 percent of the agents), followed by guns (19 percent) and others had either knives or a stun gun with them.

    Real Estate agents who work alone are usually the target of these perpetrators. The thugs know that the agent will have a phone, a wallet or a purse or even jewelry that will have some trade-in value.  Unfortunately this will happen the big city or in the rural area.

    The Taser is now available for their protection, as well.

    In 2016 the following was reported:

    Michigan agent robbed during a showing 04/12/16

    Male Wisconsin Real Estate agent beaten while showing property 5/16

    Canadian Real Estate agent sexually assaulted during Open House 5/16

    On June 3rd, 2 agents in Florida were held at gunpoint.  Same week an agent in California was raped.

    July 2016 - an agent in Missouri was raped

    If you are a Real Estate Agent or have a staff of agents and would like to purchase any of the products within this website. contact us at and we will issue you a special discount code.  Please use your real estate email address for this offer.

    Our motto is: Your Safety is Our Business

    Remember...It is better to have it and NOT need it than to NEED it and not have it!

    For the price of a Starbuck's coffee you can protect yourself!






  • Just getting my mail.

    Hello again friends!

    For those of us who live in a neighborhood with community mailboxes, a daily walk to get your mail is called for.  They are rarely a long walk from the house but. even a short one can bring a surprise or two to make it eventful.

    A nearby neighbor has a young Rottweiler that tends to find freedom from his yard almost every day.  Even though he is still considered a "pup", ( 2 yrs. old, I am told) his attitude is to approach everyone in an aggressive manner by getting close and barking constantly. Knowing this, I began to carry my canister of Mace Muzzle for those "just-in-case" moments.

    Well, a few days ago, when going to pick up my bills, our not-so-friendly, self appointed, "guardian of the mailbox" came out and got too close for comfort. As I usually turned around and retreated, he considered himself the hunter and I, the hunted! This time I slowly unlocked the Mace Muzzle and as he continued to approach, I aimed and fired a single spray that hit the top of his head. Apparently startled, the fumes of the spray along with a few drops that stung his eyes, sent him on his way!  Only his pride was hurt as this spray is EPA approved and in no way harms the dog.

    Well, on Saturday, I took my stroll to the mailbox and my "friend" got sight of me.  Apparently, he forgot what happened the last time we met.  Only this time, I took along the electronic, high frequency emitting, Dogchaser along, as well. Audible only to dogs, I turned it on and pointed it in his direction.  The combination of the high frequency sound and the strobe light confused the heck out of him and stopped him in his tracks! Admitting defeat, he slowly backed walked away never taking his eyes off of me.  Now, I have two effective products that I can depend on...the Mace Muzzle spray and the Dogchaser electronic repellant.

    So, if you are going to get your mail or just taking a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood, take either the Mace Muzzle or the Dogchaser as a walking buddy with you!  You never know if you bump in to a "friend" like mine!  I sincerely hope you never have to use it!

    Take care and Be Safe!

  • Apartment Living with a Wireless Keypad Motion Alert Alarm

    Hello again friends!

    On our last posting, our subject was mainly for apartment dwellers that are prohibited to install a hard wired alarm system by management.  We focused on the exposed windows and suggested adding the window magnetic alarms.

    Well, this week we are recommending the Wireless Keypad Motion Alert Alarm for any entry door your apartment might have.  This complies with the managements rules for not installing a hard wired system but, at the same time, provides the protection you need to sleep easy at night.

    The Motion Alert Alarm is portable and can be mounted easily vertically or horizontally near any entry area by using the mounting screws provided.  This eliminates any need for wiring and can be taken with you should you find yourself moving to another location.  The Motion Alarm Alert can be programmed with your personal code for additional security.  It can also be used in small businesses to advise entry by using the two-tone chime instead of the entry alarm.

    The Motion Alarm Alert, upon unauthorized entry, will sound an alarm of 105db that will scare off the unsuspecting intruder.

    For this week only, you can purchase the Motion Alarm Alert for $29.95 instead of the website price of $32.95   The unit requires a 9volt battery which is not included but, hopefully with the discount the purchase will be covered.

    This makes a great gift for a friend or family member.

    Remember, this offer is good until March 26th!

  • Safeguarding your home with the Magnetic Door Alarm!

    Hello friends!

    It seems like more and more break-ins are occurring these days!  Not only to businesses but, to our homes.  It really doesn't matter whether it is a house or an apartment, they are all vulnerable to those who want your property.

    Unfortunately, those who live in apartments are more likely to be victims of this crime as the apartment management does not allow for wired / monitored alarm systems.   For example: Just yesterday this article came up on the news:

    HOUSTON - A Houston couple just days away from their wedding is hoping someone will come forward with information after a burglar stole the groom's heirloom wedding band.
    The burglary happened Friday night at their apartment near the Texas Medical Center.
    Our apartment was ransacked with many of our wedding presents and cash gone!

    So what can be done?  Well, part of the solution is the Magnetic Door Alarm.

    This little device is self contained with a 110 decibel alarm when activated. The base of the alarm is attached to the door or window frame and the actuator to the window or door.  The alarm is activated by opening the door or window when the magnetic contact is broken!  The loud alarm will surely scare off the unsuspecting and uninvited intruder.

    Great for any door or window, especially those that are hard to protect like sliding glass doors.

    This Magnetic Door Alarm has a disarm key to activate the unit instead of an on-off switch.  This prevents the alarm from being easily disarmed.  The only way to arm or disarm the unit is by the use of the key.

    The three (3) lithium batteries required for the unit are included.

    TIP OF THE WEEK:  For Home or Apartment:  Most homes and apartments are broken into by kicking in the front or back doors. Why?  Well, because the door lock plates are held in by short screws that give in with a swift, hard kick.  Changing those short screws to 3 inch screws changes the situation tremendously by withstanding the hardest of kicks!  This does not violate the apartment lease

  • Having Mace Muzzle helped me get my mail.

    Hi there!

    For those of us who live in a neighborhood with community mail boxes, a daily walk to get the mail is called for.  They are rarely a long walk from the house but, even a short walk can bring a surprise or two to make it eventful.

    A nearby neighbor has a young Rottweiler that tends to find freedom from his yard almost every day. Even though he is still considered a pup (2 yrs old, I'm told) his attitude is to approach everyone in an aggressive manner by getting close and barking constantly.  Knowing this, I began carrying my canister of mace muzzle for those "just-in-case" instances.

    Well, just a few days ago, guess who I ran into when going to pick up all my bills?  Yep, our not-so-friendly Rottweiler, self appointed "Guardian of the mail box"!  This time, he came too darn close for comfort,  I guess since I usually turn around and retreat, he has become the hunter and I, the hunted!  But, I slowly un-locked the mace muzzle canister and as he continued to approach, I aimed and fired a single spray and hit the top of his head.  Apparently, the fumes of the spray along with a few drops, stung his eyes and off he went, only his pride was hurt.  Note:  This spray is EPA approved and in no way harms the dog.

    Now, I knew that this products actually works!  So, since then I decided to take, not only the mace muzzle spray but, the electronic Dogchaser as well.  It emits a high frequency sound audible to dogs but not to humans and helps stop the approaching dog.  The good thing about the Dogchaser  is that it is effective within 40 feet.

    Well, just yesterday, our "friend" got loose again and while roaming the area got sight of me.  Apparently, he forgot what happened to him last time we met.  Barking and slowly approaching as always.  This time I turned on the Dogchaser and aimed it in his direction.  Well, the combination of the strobe light and high frequency sound confused the heck out of him and stopped him in his tracks and slowly, admitting defeat, walked away never taking his eyes off me.   So, now I have two effective products that I can depend on. The Mace Muzzle spray and the Dogchaser electronic repellant.

    Now, hopefully this Rottweiler has learned his lesson.  I will continue to carry both repellants when walking through the neighborhood 'cause there might be others out there just like him. You never know.


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